Class and Colonialism in Antarctic Exploration, 1750-1920



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Maddison, B. (2014). Class and Colonialism in Antarctic Exploration, 1750-1920. United Kingdom: Pickering and Chatto Publishers.

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ISBN: 9781848934184


Between 1750 and 1920 over 15,000 people visited Antarctica. Yet, despite such a large number the historiography has ignored all but a handful of celebrated explorers. Maddison aims to redress this balance and presents a study of Antarctic exploration from below. Sailors, sealers, whalers, cooks, mechanics, engineers, stokers and radio operators were all necessary in bringing the upper-class 'hero explorers' to the continent and supporting their expeditions. Likewise, resources obtained from local populations in southern Africa, Australasia, the Pacific and South America were vital to their success. In telling the story of these forgotten facilitators, Maddison argues that Antarctic exploration can be seen as an offshoot of European colonialism.

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