Managing marine living resources, the 1970s-1990s



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Kaye, S., Haward, M. and Hall, R. (2011). Managing marine living resources, the 1970s-1990s. In M. Haward and T. Griffiths (Eds.), Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: 50 Years of Influence (pp. 164-180). New South Wales: UNSW.

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ISBN: 9781742232232


The Southern Ocean ecosystem has distinctive characteristics that influence choices about its conservation. Much of it depends on krill, and its waters are affected by some of the most difficulty weather conditions anywhere and are influenced by the Antarctic Convergence - producing a region unlike any other on the planet. All of this presents significant challenges to resource management, challenges that are matched only by the difficulties of ensuring compliance with agreed regimes in such remote and forbidding locations. Analysis of the development of Antarctic marine living resources regimes from the 1970s throught to the present, ad Australia's contribution to them, reveals a concerted focus on conservation, and a commitment to redressing the legacies of past overexploitation.

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