Nonviolent counter to global terror(ISM) and paradigms of counter-terrorism



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Ram, S. and Summy, R. V. "Nonviolent counter to global terror(ISM) and paradigms of counter-terrorism." Nonviolence: An Alternative for Defeating Global Terror(ism). Ed.S. Ram and R. Summy. United States: Nova Science Publishers, 2008, 3-9.

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ISBN: 9781600218125


Counter terrorism is a controversial subject. The field is marred by tensions: Is terrorism a war or crime? Are terrorism a war or crime? Are terrorists freedom fighters or psychopaths? Should counter-terrorism focus on terrorists' actions or on their intentions and purposes'? Should liberal democracies deal with root causes that produce terrorists or just eliminate terrorists? Should countries affected by terrorist violence focus on fear management or terror eradication'?

While the chapters in this book deal with most of these issues, the main purpose is directed towards a broader theme. The focus is on extending the debate to 'vhat at first blush might appear an absurd proposition: that the. best way to counter global terrorism is through the cogent application of nonviolence theory and practice. If the book can make some inroads into placing this dissenting view on the public agenda, its goal will have been achieved. A paradigm shift will have been initiated to challenge the orthodoxy depicted in Table I under the heading of "Military/Security/War.

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