Mediated forensics: from classroom to courtroom



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Isani, S. and Sykes, G. L. "Mediated forensics: from classroom to courtroom." Courting the Media: Contemporary Perspectives on Media and Law. Ed.G. Sykes. United States: Nova Science Publishers, 2011, 17-32.

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ISBN: 9781616687847


This chapter comprises a discussion paper that has as its stimulus or point of departure an observation by one of us, (Shaeda Isani), about a class of French law students, coming to terms with several documentary studies about common law coronial courts. This chapter uses this example to argue for the need for sophisticated methods and diverse understanding of media processes, if inter-disciplinary progress in 'law and media' is to be made. The chapter invites discussion beyond the legal domain, and simplified, old fashioned or singular accounts of media effects and processes.

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