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Caple, H. (2007). Narrative and Media: Helen Fulton with Rosemary Huisman, Julian Murphet and Anne Dunn, Melbourne, 2005.. Australian Journal of Communication, 33 (2, 3), 189-192.


Book review

Narrative and Media Helen Fulton, with Rosemary Huisman, Julian Murphet, and Anne Dunn, Melbourne, 2005.

The book Narrative and Media should be of great interest to students and scholars of Media Studies alike. Coming from a post-structuralist perspective, the book interrogates the ideological implications of narrative strategies across the major forms of the media, and offers a clear and cogent explanation of how readers are positioned as consumers of the media. With the commodification of the media becoming more and more prevalent, media scholars need to develop a reliable set of theoretical tools rigorous enough to unpack how it is that the media is able to maintain its 'objective' facade, and this book goes a long way to demonstrating how this is achieved.