Joining the Dots: C/58/63



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Cahill, R. (2014). Joining the Dots: C/58/63. In M. Burgmann (Eds.), Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files (pp. 159-170). Kensington: University New South Wales Press.

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ISBN: 9781742231402


In Australia during the Vietnam War, the charge was frequently made that domestic opposition to the war and to conscription was variously organised or manipulated by communists. On the international stage Prime Minister Menzies claimed this, for example, in 1965 in an address to the Australia Club in London. However, as Ann Curthoys has pointed out, while the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) was important as an organising force in the anti-war movement, it was only part of a loose coalition of forces opposed to the war. Apart from trade unions, churches, and political parties, there were at least 146 organisations actively opposing conscription and the Vietnam War during the period 1964-1972.

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