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Kelly, M. T. (2014). 'Pitting Against the Core' and 'Split Unity'. Galleries UNSW, COFA Campus, Paddington, 22 May - 5 July, Exhibition at Conquest of Space: Science Fiction and Contemporary Art, NSW: UNSW.

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Madeleine Kelly


This exhibition reveals previously unexplored intersections between science fiction (SF) and art. Science fiction and art have long been connected by a set of related interests such as technology and formal expressions. Science fiction in its most popular manifestations, such as literature and cinema, expresses cultural anxieties and desires through a set of concepts, tropes and themes shared with the visual arts.

Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art features more than 40 artworks exploring important stories in the history of the science fiction genre.

This multi-faceted project is presented in partnership with ABC TV, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the College of Fine Arts, UNSW; and is led by the exhibition curator, documentary host and COFA lecturer, Dr Andrew Frost.