Processus interculturels dans l'art Aborigene



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McLean, I. "Processus interculturels dans l'art Aborigene." Memoires vives: Une histoire de l'art Aborigene. Paris, France: Editions de la Martiniere, 2013, 182-189.

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Musee D’Aquitaine

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ISBN: 9782732462486


[Translation] The number of existing aboriginal languages during the pre-colonial era is impressive should we contrast it with the very modest size of the population (a million people at most). The most recent estimations identify 363 distinct languages (each of them further comprising several dialects spoken by a number of clan groups). The map created by David Horton that locates areas of use of these languages, has become famous. It is represented as a rich mosaic, not only of multiple languages, but also of cultural groups distinct from each other, extending across the continent. Its patchwork of interwoven pieces seems to offer a revealing picture of the way groups or people were locally connected to each other.

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