After Israel: Towards Cultural Transformation



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Svirsky, M. G. (2014). After Israel: Towards Cultural Transformation. London, United Kingdom: Zed Books.

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ISBN: 9781780326146


We begin with an upsetting fact: in most cases, knowledge revealing past and present-day injustices does not trigger unambiguous responses. In the face of accounts that explain how oppression affects real people's lives, some might expect shock and a change in current perceptions and sensitivities about society. Commonly, however, one faces disappointment - and all the more so when our own stories as victimisers are at hand. In the case of foreign stories, we can afford to develop some sympathy for the distressed, and as victims we are reluctant to give up our obsession with the narratives of our past miseries, which eventually become instruments of paranoia. All in all, society preferes to have its own wrongs go unnoticed, unheard. At best, these accounts are incorporated only to be rejected as mere tales spun to serve the wrong ideology.

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