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Beckman, R., Schofield, C., Townsend-Gault, I., Davenport, T. and Bernard, L. (2013). Moving forward on joint development in the South China Sea. In R. Beckman, I. Townsend-Gault, C. Schofield, T. Davenport and L. Bernard (Eds.), Beyond Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea: Legal Frameworks for the Joint Development of Hydrocarbon Resources (pp. 312-331). United Kingdom: Edward Elgar.

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Edward Elgar Publishing

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ISBN: 9781781955932


The examination of the factors that facilitated the conclusion of joint development arrangements in Asia in Chapter 11 has demonstrated that there remain considerable obstacles before joint development in the South China Sea can be discussed in a serious and meaningful manner. The following recommendations set out steps which the claimants and, in certain circumstances, other relevant stakeholders, can take to move towards a situation where joint development is a feasible dispute settlement option.