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Herrero de Haro, A. 2011, 'La percepción de la nasalidad en las vocales españolas', Vida Hispánica, vol. 44, pp. 12-15.

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Vida Hispánica


The nasality is an element that we constantly reproduce unconsciously in Spanish. Spanish speakers ignore, in the majority of cases, the importance of a phenomenon of our language which has different purposes, such as providing naturalness and continuity to the audio sequence and even, in certain regional varieties, exercises a function of discrimination between words (phonemes); This occurs, for example, in the Albaicín, a neighborhood of Granada where tends to neutralize/n/in absolute final position and the nasality of the vowel is what allows you to discriminate between has / have, yes / no, etc. In this experiment we have studied the nasality in Spanish in order to know although it is perceived and are not aware of it, or if on the contrary it is not perceived and we pronounced it by mere coarticulation. Thus, we studied also change of nasality are more sensitive, if the nasalization of vowels oral or nasal vowels desnasalization.