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Herrero de Haro, A. & Andión Herrero, M. Antonieta. 2012, 'La fonética de aprendices de español del sur y del norte de Inglaterra: consideraciones acerca de su ensenaza', Revista Espanola de Linguistica Aplicada, vol. 25, pp. 45-68.

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Revista española de lingüística aplicada


A correct pronunciation is of paramount importance to guarantee the intelligibility of students of Spanish as a Foreign Language; however, paradoxically, the teaching of pronunciation is one of the least taught sub-skills in SFL manuals. The phonetic-phonological differences between the L1 and the L2 of the students will have great influence on the acquisition of the pronunciation, making it more difficult or easier depending on the degree of similarity between both phonetic-phonological systems, although it is the distance between the sounds of the dialectical region of the speaker and the L2 that will contribute the most to the success or failure of this acquisition process. In the present article we start by comparing the phonetic-phonological system of English (RP) and Spanish, (Castilian Spanish), and then we compare the latter with the varieties of the North and the South of England through the study of recordings of learners from those areas. This will allow us to know the transferences and interferences that these speakers present in Spanish and that must be tackled during the process of phonetic acquisition.