Inside out: representations of women and work on popular television



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Kennedy, J. and Linden, E. (2010). Inside out: representations of women and work on popular television. Journal of Critical Studies in Business and Society, 1 (1/2), 15-28.

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Inside Out: Pregnant Actresses Playing Nonpregnant Characters, a video montage by artist Liz Linden, was originally exhibited in combination with the video Outside In: Fictional Commercials for Real Products at Art in General in New York in May 2009. Both videos use appropriated television clips to point to the formal and ideological mechanisms that structure our relationship to materials and content that we are confronted with on an almost daily basis, but which are often overlooked or dismissed as benign or banal. Displayed side-by-side on TV monitors, a reference to the videos' source material, together Inside Out and Outside In uncover the inevitable and multidirectional slippage between the television world and the real one, while questioning how these exchanges get framed or naturalized and to what end. In this article, critic jen Kennedy speaks with Linden about Inside Out, the ways our relationship to the world gets framed and mediated through the media we consume, and the effect of this mediation has on our understanding of contemporary feminist practices.

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