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Gallagher, S. 2012, 'From the transcendental to the enactive', Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 119-121.


Varga (2012) argues that the sense of reality disrupted in various psychopathologies, including derealization (DR) and depersonalization (DP), is pre-intentional (or in some sense, the product of a more basic, operative intentionality that is pre-predicative). This moves us away from the more dominant conceptions of delusion and the loss of sense of reality as problems best explained in terms of propositional attitudes, like beliefs, or framework propositions (see, e.g., Campbell 2001; Eilan 2000). Furthermore, Varga suggests a certain triadic structure in which DR/DP affects not just the sense of reality, but also the sense of self and our intersubjective relations with others. Reality, self, and others are tied together into a system where psychotic disruptions reverberate across all these dimensions.



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