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Gallagher, S. 2011, 'Scanning the lifeworld: toward a critical neuroscience of action and interaction', in S. Choudhury and J. Slaby (eds), Critical Neuroscience: A Handbook of the Social and Cultural Contexts of Neuroscience, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom. pp. 85

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ISBN: 9781444333282


A recent report published in Neuron, a leading journal of neuroscience, by researchers at Japan's ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories (Miyawaki et al., 2008) has been the basis for a claim that new technology able to analyze signals in the brain "can reconstruct the images inside a person's mind and display them on a computer monitor." Although claims made in the actual research paper were much more modest, in the media the standard, optimistic predictions were quick to come. "These results are a breakthrough in terms of understanding brain activity. In as little as 10 years, advances in this field of research may make it possible to read a person's thoughts with some degree of accuracy."



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