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Farrier, D., Harvey, M., Da Silva, S., Leuzinger, M. D., Verschuuren, J., Gromilova, M., Trouwborst, A. and Paterson, A. R. (2013). The legal aspects of connectivity conservation: case studies. Switzerland: IUCN.

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ISBN: 9782831716015


This publication follows on from Volume I in the series on legal aspects of connectivity conservation. It provides five case studies that continue to define and develop connectivity conservation law for supporting protected areas and for providing opportunities to address climate change as part of biodiversity conservation agendas. Volumes I and II together aim to advance conceptual thinking and legal understanding about important law and policy tools and options for supporting the connectivity of protected area systems. The legal research and analyses reflected in these papers span international, regional, national and local levels. A range of legal instruments existing in most national legal systems, from conservation and sustainable use laws to land use planning, development control, voluntary conservation and economic instruments are explored.