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Lie, K. Yew. & Kell, P. (2006). Language, literacy and education in diverse contexts: theory, research and practice. 3L Journal of Language Teaching, Linguistics and Literature, 11 1-13.


The articles in this first volume are articles situated in diverse social and institutional environments both in Australia and Malaysia. Here, the scholars discuss literacy, language and education issues from their academic experience in multilingual and multicultural contexts of schools, higher education and cultural communities such as digital and culture consuming communities. Contributors engage in literacy issues emerging from the diversity of communities straddling overlapping local-global contexts as well as communities of practice distinguished in terms of class, ethnicity, religion, spirituality and ideology. These are affiliated through common values and interests which transcend the divides of ethnicity, class, religion and gender. The contributors are interested in the questions of what, why and how individuals, families, communities and institutions view literacy practices and events. Most of the articles focus on the sociopolitical and sociocultural conditions which shape and construct particular views of literacy. They examine the choices, risks, constraints and consequences of literacies that individuals, communities and institutions are socialized into or consciously choose to belong to in line with particular identities and affiliations.