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De Matos, C. (2009). Introduction. New voices: A journal for emerging scholars of Japanese studies in Australia, 3 (December 2009), vi-ix

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New Voices


It was during the seasonal change from summer to autumn that I first landed in Tokyo as a naïve 21 year old, ready to embark on a working holiday adventure. I had no Japanese language skills, no knowledge of Japanese history or culture beyond western clichés and stereotypes, and 1000 yen in my pocket. When I think back to this time I am amazed at the courage (or was it denial and ignorance?) I must have had; I am even more surprised to remember the emotion I experienced, for as soon as I set foot in that great cosmopolitan city, I was in love. Somehow, I sensed something familiar and warm in the strange new sights and sounds around me, and gladly immersed myself in this new relationship I had found with Japan.