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C. E. Sharp, M. A. Bond, T. Mundy, K. Murray and J. Quilter, 'Taking hints From Hogwarts: UOW's first year law immersion program' (2013) 6 (1/2) Journal of Australasian Law Teachers Association 127-139.

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The first year of law school is a challenging time: adapting to new surroundings; making new friends; absorbing new ideas, and developing new ways of learning, thinking, speaking and performing – all with the added pressure of high academic achievement. This paper explores the important role of modern law teachers as guides and mentors for the students’ transformative journey.

As experienced first year teachers in the LLB program, the authors have devoted considerable efforts to developing a program that facilitates s smooth transition for law students. We believe law teachers have a unique opportunity as well as a responsibility to facilitate positive transformation. This paper outlines the unique First Year LLB program that has been developed and refined over a number of years at the University of Wollongong.