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Capaldo, S. John. and Latukefu, L. (2013). More Than An Overture: a program teaching music by creating, writing, producing and performing tenminute opera. Redefining the Musical Landscape: Inspired Learning and Innovation in Music Education - XIX National Conference Proceedings (pp. 45-51). Parkville, Victoria: Australian Society for Music Education.

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XIX National ASME Conference


The project More Than An Overture enabled unversity academics, an established and respected Australian music composer and an emerging artist to teach pre-service generalist primary education and creative arts (performance) students at the University of Wollongong how to create and produce children's operas. The university students, academics and artists then worked with local primary school students and their teachers in creating children's operas that culminated in a performance for the school and their community. This paper explores the creation of the project, the motivations behind its development and the results from the project.