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Leiboff, M. (2010). "Talkin' 'bout law's generations: an empirical and jurisprudential investigation into the reading of legal cases by different generations of lawyers". 27th Annual Conference of the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand


The Australian TV comedy quiz show, Talkin’ ‘bout your generation, pits the knowledge of three different teams of generations against each other. Like a highlystrung game of trivial pursuit, the show’s comedy darkly exposes the speed with which knowledge, language and meaning is lost and misinterpreted across and between generations. This pilot study, Talkin’ ‘bout law’s generations takes its cue from its namesake, by discovering if legal interpretation is similarly affected. But the character of legal interpretation being explored is not uni-dimensional, and is instead exploring if (and how) social, political, historical and linguistic knowledge is deployed by its interpreters. Thus, it would appear axiomatic that different generations of lawyers will read and interpret case law differently, because of the loss of these other knowledges.

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