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S. Bateman, 'U.S and Russia's naval policy after 9.11' (Paper presented at the The 8th International Sea Power Symposium, Seoul, Korea, 5-6 August).


TIns paper was required to address the following questions:

• In what ways do maritime interests and strategies of the U. S. and Russia contribute to the general security outlook towards the Asia-Pacific region after 9.11 ?

• To what extent do the maritime strategies of these two countries take a cooperative approach toward the nations of the region?

• Is the present level of bilateral or multilateral cooperation adequate and sufficient to meet these challenges to maintain regional security?

These questions require a focus on the maritime interests and strategies of twn countries. The first is the sole remaining superpower that now sits astride of the world "like a Colossus". I The second is a former superpower that is now seeking to regain at least some of its fonner influence. The two countries are on the same side in the War on Terrorism but more generally their bilateral relationship remains stuck somewhere between any and possible adversary. My paper addresses each of the questions in turn. It fust discusses the regional security outlook and the contributions of the maritime strategies of the U.S. and Russia. It then considers the issue of security cooperation or more particularly, maritime security cooperation.

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