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A. Maghaireh, 'Shariah Law and cyber-sectarian conflict: how can Islamic Criminal Law respond to cyber crime?' (2009) 2 (2) International Journal of Cyber Criminology 337-445.


The Islamic world has populated cyberspace and opened up websites propagating Islamic rhetoric and ideology. Some of these website established cyber-schools teach hacking techniques. Unfortunately, the growing Muslim presence in cyberspace has spawned an increasing amount of what can be termed as ‘cyber-sectarian conflict’. Thus, it is not uncommon to find that Islamic and non-Islamic websites have been hacked and sabotaged by Anti-Fitna Muslim Hackers or other hackers. Amazingly, Muslim scholars refrained from condemning ‘Hacktivism’ and even made it appear as if it were perpetrated to defend Islam. Shariah response to the problem is significant since Muslims hackers consider Shariah to be the ultimate law system.

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