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D. Soutar, Q. A. Hanich, M. Korsten, T. Jones & J. McCaffrie (2009). Safeguarding the Stocks: A report on analytical projects to support the development of a regional MCS strategy for Pacific oceanic fisheries. Honiara, Solomon Islands: Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.


This report sets out the results of five analytical projects undertaken to support the development of a Regional MCS Strategy for Pacific oceanic fish stocks. The overarching purpose of the Strategy is to support a management regime and associated measures that will ensure the long term sustainability of oceanic fish stocks and associated economic benefits flowing from them to Pacific Island Countries. Extensive consultation was undertaken in support of the projects including visits by the project team to 16 of the 17 FFA member nations, direct consultation with staff from key regional institutions (e.g. WCPFC, SPC, USP), as well as discussions with each of the four quadrilateral defence force providers.

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