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N. Seuffert, 'Same-sex immigration: domestication and homonormativity' in A. Bottomley & S. Wong(ed), Changing Contours of Domestic life, Family and Law: Caring and Sharing (2009) 131-149.

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ISBN: 9781841139036


LAW- AND POLICY-MAKERS in New Zealand have taken what might be seen, from a conservative/liberal divide, as two contradictory stances on aspects of border control over the past decade. In one move, they have progressively tightened and whitened immigration policy generally, making the criteria and process for gaining residency more restrictive. At the same time, they have progressively opened the borders in relation to the immigration of same-sex couples, aligning immigration requirements for these couples with those of heterosexual couples. I argue that New Zealand's recent liberalisation of immigration law and policy for gays and lesbians aligns with, rather than contradicts, notions of neoliberal politics, progressive modernity and the current tightening and whitening of immigration.

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