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This article was originally published as Mohr, R, Festival Filosofia sui Sensi / Philosophical Festival of the Senses, The Senses and Society, 1(1), 2006, 155-157.


Three cities, three days, how many senses? I lost count in the eruption of designer menus, philosophy "master classes," children's activity spaces, all night music parties, herbs and spices, exhibitions including Picasso erotica, and strolls past the flower, fish and formaggio sections of the market in Modena. The latest edition of the city's philosophy festival organized each year since 2001 was dedicated to the senses. From Friday to Sunday, 16-18 September, 2005 Modena and its smaller neighbors Carpi and Sassuolo gave over their piazzas, exhibition spaces, libraries, restaurants and churches to the festival. The trains between the three centers were crowded with "cultural commuters," who were invited to scheduled en route discussions with various philosophers on a number of the trips.

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