Piracy and armed robbery against ships in Indonesian waters



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Bateman, S. (2009). Piracy and armed robbery against ships in Indonesian waters. In R. Cribb & M. T. Ford (Eds.), Indonesia beyond the water's edge: managing an archipelagic state (pp. 117-133). Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.

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ISBN: 9789812309846


The Indonesian archipelago sits astride key shipping routes that carry a large share of the world's seaborne trade between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Most international interest in maritime security in recent yars has focused on the Malacca and Singapor straits, but hipping elsewhere In the IndoneSian archipelago, particularly that passing through the Lombok and Makassar straits, is potentially vulnerahle to attack. It is ironic that while most interest has focused on the vessels passing through or near the Indonesian archipelago, the real problem of security is the more grassroots one of protecting vessels trading locally, or those In port or at anchor (Bateman, Ho and Mathai 2007: 311).

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