Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices



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M. Leiboff & M. Thomas, Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices (2009).

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ISBN: 9780455226064


So what does legal theory have to do with life, the universe, and everything the everyday practices of the law? Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices shows how the seemingly remote world of legal theory, philosophy and jurisprudence is actually used in the day-to-day experience of law in all its forms. The book considers how basic legal concepts, such as tort and contract law, are grounded in social and political theory, and how the different legal outcomes will result from the use of theories of varying types and dimensions.This new book reinforces Marett Leiboff and Mark Thomas reputation as innovators and popularisers of legal theory as an active practice of law. Drawing on the historical, legal and social conditions in which various legal theories emerged, this book examines how they influenced and continue to influence the practices of law. Diagrams, illustrations, tables, charts and now photographs are used to explain and uncover the ideas behind legal theory and its uses in practice, and an historical and contextual timeline tracks the contexts and practices of the theories across generations. In doing so, Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices provides a new and original exploration of legal theory and its relationship with society and practice.Leiboff and Thomas tell legal theory as a story, through a dispute in 17th century England between a king and a judge. Their explorations of legal theory encompass real, decided case law and Monty Python, Harry Potter and stories and ideas drawn from popular culture, psychology, and contemporary life. This book makes for an entertaining, lively, and engaging read, despite its serious purpose.

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