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Schofield, C. H. (2005). Cooperative Mechanisms and Maritime Security in Areas of Overlapping Claims to Maritime Jurisdiction. In P. Cozens & J. Mossop (Eds.), Capacity building for maritime security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific : a selection of papers presented at the CSCAP Study Group Meeting on Maritime Security Cooperation, December 2004, Kunming, China and April 2005, Delhi, India (pp. 99-115). Wellington, New Zealand: Centre for Strategic Studies: New Zealand.


This chapter outlines progress in the delimitation of maritime boundaries and some of the problems relating to overlapping claims to maritime jurisdiction. It is contended that the incomplete nature of the maritime political map of the world is problematic, in particular because lack of delimitation inevitably equates to jurisdictional uncertainty and this is highly likely to be detrimental to maritime security. Alternatives to maritime boundary delimitation - cooperative mechanisms in areas of overlapping jurisdiction - are then addressed, including their emerging applicability to maritime security issues as well as the Southeast Asian experience.

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