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This paper was originally published as: Pastellas, J & Maxwell, K, Blending educational tools and strategies: Integrating online learning in practical legal training programs, Online Learning & Teaching Conference (OLT 2005), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 27 September 2005, 201-208. Conference information is available here.


Over the past decade, there has been an increasing use of on-line learning tools and strategies in pre-admission practical legal training (PLT) programs. Where once on-line learning may have been regarded as experimental novelty in these programs, it has now become an indispensable adjunct to traditional methods of practical instruction. Although the rapid development and implementation of on-line learning may present difficulties when adopted indiscriminately, it also presents opportunities to develop thoughtful learning environments which use a range of learning techniques that appeal to a range of students and meet a variety of learning needs. This paper will explore the intersection of online learning tools and practices and traditional face-to face teaching and learning models in two PLT programs. In doing so, the paper will consider how online learning has changed each PLT program and how these programs have sought to balance the different approaches to teaching and learning.

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