Patent rights in pharmaceuticals in developing countries: major challenges for the future



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J. Kuanpoth, Patent Rights in Pharmaceuticals in Developing Countries: Major Challenges for the Future (2010).


India's 2005 adoption of a TRIPS-consistent patent regime will reveal whether Indian generic pharmaceuticals companies will continue to supply essential drugs for developing nations such as Thailand, who are reliant on India for the supply of cheap medicines. Patent Rights in Pharmaceuticals in Developing Countries investigates the public policy and public health implications of pharmaceutical patenting in countries such as India and Thailand.The book engages with a broad range of new case studies, providing a detailed examination of options for the resolution of access-to-medicine issues at global, national and local levels. In addition, the book reflects the significant progress in international and national patent law and in international policymaking in this area.Broadly accessible, the work will appeal to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers and academics in fields such as intellectual property law, public health, industrial economics, development studies and political science. National policymakers and government officials, as well as professionals based in international organizations and pharmaceutical industries, will also find this exciting work of great interest.

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