Sea piracy - what's the current situation?



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Bateman, S. (2009). Sea piracy - what''s the current situation. In J. Veitch (Eds.), Strategic manoeuvres: security in the Asia Pacific (pp. 181-196). New Zealand: Centre for Strategic Studies: New Zealand.


Sea piracy has attracted much attention over the past year. There has certainly been a large upsurge in the number of attacks off the Horn of Africa2 in particular, carried out by "pirates" from Somalia. However, media reports about this upsurge must be kept in perspective. Romantic notions of piracy based on the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow have fuelled the media hype and many misconceptions about modern-day sea piracy. This article provides an account of the current situation with piracy around the world, and of the legal issues involved in taking action against piracy.

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