Australia and maritime security in the northeast Indian Ocean



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Rahman, C. (2009). Australia and maritime security in the northeast Indian Ocean. In W. T. Tow & C. Kin. Wah (Eds.), Asean India Australia: towards closer engagement in a new Asia (pp. 185-202). Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.


Maritime security is vital to Australia and its neighbours in the ASEANAustralia- India "triangle" - or the area of the northeast Indian Ocean. It has become a leading sphere for the construction of deeper forms of security cooperation. Nonetheless, both the "region" in question and the topic of maritime security itself are underdeveloped ideas in the context of rapidly developing relationships. Therefore, the approach pursued in this chapter focuses on four themes. First, the maritime nature of the area's geography is established. Second, different perspectives on maritime security are introduced, with an emphasis on non-traditional factors, including responses to the post- 9/11 threat of terrorism in the maritime domain. Third, Australia's maritime security engagement activities in the northeast Indian Ocean area are outlined. And finally, the ever present strategic considerations bearing on maritime security within the "triangle" area are considered, including the consequent strategic dilemmas facing Australia.

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