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M. Loves, ''Project pandora: student teaching and learning (resources) tool box'' (2009) 6 (3) Journal of College Teaching and Learning 61-69.


Feedback from post graduate domestic and international students has highlighted the difficulties many have in coping with academic expectations of critical analytical thinking, reading and writing skills, academic language, referencing and expectations surrounding plagiarism and assessment. Many international students indicate that these concepts are unique to Australian tertiary institutions and that they struggle with their application. For these reasons, in late 2007 under the auspices of a Law Faculty Scholarship, the Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention (CTCP) commenced collaborative work with the University of Wollongong Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources (CEDIR), the Learning Development Support Centre, the University Library, Information Technology Section (ITS) and the Student Equity and Diversity Liaison Office (SEDLO) to develop an online student teaching and learning (resources) toolbox. The objective of this program was to promote student skills development in critical areas of learning and facilitate delivery of support services to students, particularly those studying overseas. Early indications are that the program is being well received by students (both domestic and international), and that it has had a significant impact on improving academic literacy and lowering the levels of plagiarism detected within the targeted student populations.

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