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This article was originally published as Arcioni, E, Can Catchment Management Deliver Coordination of Resources Management in New South Wales?, Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 7(2), 2001, 169-195. Journal information available here.


In this article, the author examines the problem of the lack of integration of natural resources legislation in NSW and the application of a proposed solution – the catchment management regime. The analysis is conducted by using a case study of Lake Illawarra and its catchment. The operation of the planning system, pollution regulation and the Lake Illawarra Authority are discussed, as well as a number of other regulatory regimes being noted briefly. A history is given of the catchment management system as it has been applied in the Illawarra region. The article concludes by identifying the problems in implementing the catchment management system through the recently enacted Catchment Management Boards.

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