Michael Wilding


Wendel phones to ask if I want to have a drink and meet his girl friend from the West. I am just about to continue reading The Pursuit of the Millennium, but Wendel hasn't phoned me to have a drink for five years. For eighteen months there has been a sHght demilitarization, a slow process, with cautious surveillance. So of course I will go and have a drink because in these bad times it is good to hold on to the sustaining things again. It is not that I think we have waited so many millennia for the millennium that a few hours reading will not make any difference. Because there have been signs before does not mean that this time the signs don't herald the last days. It is because the signs are so persuasive of the last days that I choose friendship before the book. 'There is traditional knowledge, which is attained by reading or by the instruction of others, and not practical but leads to an idle life; and this is not good.' I roll a smoke and feel better and roll another one for the road and then I am ready for a drink. Also for the girl from the west.



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