Rachel Mordecai


Peter Tosh’s performance at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, on 22nd April 1978, is (in)famous for its militancy and strident rejection of the very premise of the occasion:

Dis concert here whey dem say is a PEACE concert, I man nevva did a go come inno. Yu know why? Cause wha, was a PEACE concert. An ah wonder if many people realise what de word PEACE mean. Eeh? Yu see most intallectual peeple in sociaty tink de word PEACE means coming togeda. PEACE is de dipluma yu get in de cemetery. Seen! On top a yu grave dat is mark ‘Here Lies De Bady of John Strokes, Rest in PEACE.’ Seen! An I know many of you lickle brothers woodn like to hear yu dawter say she’s gon to give away a little PIECE, a bongo clippins, yu no seen. So yu can imagine how defective Peace is. Seen!1



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