Robert Sullivan


My connection to Hone Tuwhare is mainly literary and through the broad kinship of our Ngâ Puhi tribe. While working on my first poetry book, I had a copy of Mihi next to me so Tuwhare was guiding the longhand. I have very fond memories of the three readings which he very generously included me in while he was the Literary Fellow at Auckland University, and an evening spent on the town with Tuwhare still ranks as the best night of my life. Yet, as I say, my relationship with him was as a member of his reading fan-club. As well as being invited to write this memorial piece, I was privileged to be asked to edit an issue of the new zealand electronic poetry centre online scholarly journal Ka Mate Ka Ora dedicated to Tuwhare to celebrate his many artistic and literary contributions to the region. So far, most of the contributions to the journal have been poems of celebration which is the most fitting tribute of course, given the immensely uplifting and tender nature of his oeuvre.



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