Raylene Ramsay


During an unpublished interview in December 2002, in the smallish government office of the then Minister for Youth and Culture, in Nouméa, Déwé Gorodé told me she was merely the spokesperson for her group, elected and not appointed, called to power as Vice-President of the Government to serve her party, the PALIKA (Kanak Liberation Party). In a first and major interview by Blandine Stefanson for the volume of Notre Librairie devoted to a presentation of New Caledonian literature, the writer claimed she had never made any great effort to be published and still had a pile of stories in a cardboard box lying unread. Her first volume of poems, Under the Ashes of the Conch Shells, poems written from the early seventies onwards, was published in 1985 by Edipop, and only after the then Director of Do-Neva College, Ismet Kurtovitch, made a personal request.



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