Lloyd Fernando


Kassim called Partha to say that Kevin had died. 'An accident in the Belidau railway station. Part of the train was shunting very slowly,' Kassim said. 'Kevin on the platform thought it was leaving, ran after it and missed his footing jumping on.' 'His withered arm didn't help,' Kassim said, 'Can you imagine? I found Lillian on the platform screaming without ceasing, going from one bystander to another until I came back.' Pressing the receiver to his ear Partha said, 'Came back?' 'I was seeing them off to Penang. Kevin and Lillian. I had gone to a stall to get a bottle of mineral water for Lillian. Only a few minutes. It happened then. When I came back, he was gone and she was screaming like a mad woman.' 'Is he dead?'



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