E A. Markham


As I was saying ... 'Sorry?'. Yes man, name's Holt, NJK. Not JK Holt, get it? Boy, as I say, you got to show them what we made of, bit of spunk, can't ever let up; no Sir. Like I remember saying to that boy who favour you, you know, one of them Archibalds from Montserrat; young boy come over in the '50s; good family, mother and three sons. Yes man, as I said to young Archibald that day: you are young, you're going to their schools; show them what you can do. You are the future in this place: leave the past to we. To us. We doing our bit. We cleaning up from behind. Your job is to press on, man. Bruk it up. Used to meet sometimes on a Sunday morning at the Baths. Paddington Public Baths. I call those meetings strategic man. Yes, Sir, the boys were serious. Well, there were two types of boys in those days. The Saturday-night Boys at the Palais handing over their money to the women, and the Sunday-morning Boys at the Baths. Some of them miss out. Fraid to show theirselves in public, going to the Baths.



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