John Clanchy


The thing that puzzled Mrs Murphy as she sat in the dining room - the front room was kept for best and it meant rearranging all the covers on the couches, besides the dining room was nicer, mor~ comfy, and accepted a cup of tea from Mr Murphy

'The usual, dear?

' 'Please, dear.'

'0l' sweet-tooth.'

nice with the kids in bed and the house quiet at last - was why she had married Mr Murphy in the first place. She always called him that except in their most intimate momenls and they were few enough and even then it was mostly 'Oh Mr Murphy'. 'Mr Murphy' came from her mother in their courting days when he'd be coming up the path and her mother would call from the front window here's that dark fellow Mr Murphy after you again. There must have been some reason for marrying him. though for the life of her she couldn't recall it quite now.



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