Saeed Ur-Rehman


Every visible sign of this body is coloured by the imagination of the gaze of its civilizationa1 others. This body suffers/relishes in its very brown visibility. Black hair, black eyes and very brown skin evoke exotic images of Indian monsoons and at the same time signify the 'dark' unhistorical and mythical times of the writers of kama sutra. This body is also a site of contestations where different discourses compete with each other for dominance. These discourses make a spectacle, an obscene spectacle that displays maimed possibilities, incomplete events, anxieties of the state apparati, victories of the legalities, thwarted subversions, half-born counter-strategies, dynamic negotiations and unpredictable teleologies of fictional desires or desires for fiction - a counter-reality that is always waiting to foreground itself and replace the authorized reality.



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