Lauretta Ngcobo


Eighteen months after President De Klerk gave his historic speech of 2 February 1990, South Africans are beginning to show signs of believing that things are actually destined for change, and that change will be irreversible. This has brought on a frenzy of hope and doubt, of feverish excitement (as of people before a gathering storm), of joyous instability and aggressive possessiveness, as though they are afraid to lose what they've known all through the years of oppression. Visiting South Africa after many years, one soon finds oneself joining in the medley, and it is hard to pause and observe the fast changing, never-to-be-repeated history in formation. But it is precisely at this momentous time that we must pause and observe and record, for this time of transition, when we bury the past, is also the beginning of life as it shall be. This is a time of sorting out, when South Africans must resolve what it is they must discard or carry into the future.



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