Vukile was at last free from the maniacal pressure to go to school. He had at last passed his Senior Certificate. The aggregate wasn't anything exciting at all. It was the usual School Leaving certificate everyone was only too glad to receive. Vukile had always thought in terms of receiving his education rather than working it out himself. One always received information, received marks, received certificates; while, on the other hand one could also receive punishment or receive nothing at all, which was a clear indication of one's worthlessness. The school is well-known for its caprice and sinister nature. Anyhow, all that, at least for him, was now in the past. His parents had been blindly enthusiastic about his education. They had themselves not stayed at school for more than six years. Magqadaza, as the people called his father, had passed Std 2, and that was all; and his mother, lovingly called Kodu by the kids, had struggled until she passed Std 5. By that time she was a full-blown woman of 22 with other and more engaging interests in her life.



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