Dr Katina Michael is a senior lecturer in Information Technology with an industrial background in Telecommunications.She has held positions as a systems analyst with United Technologies (OTIS) and Andersen Consulting. Most of her work experience was acquired as a senior network and business planner with Nortel Networks. She has consulted to telecommunication carriers and service providers throughout Asia, including Telstra, Optus, PowerTel, PowerCor, TCNZ, CLEAR, KGT, CHT, Bharti, PLDT, Reliance, BayanTel, ONSE Telecom, China Telecom, SingTel, HKTel and CSL. Katina has presented papers at international conferences in the field of Geographic Information Systems and Network Planning. Her other research interests include Automatic Identification Devices, Innovation, Digital Convergence, Technology Forecasting, Data Mining, 3G Wireless Applications, Business Case Analysis and Ecommerce Technology. For further information refer to Katina's Faculty page and Personal page.

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