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Blending and contouring are fundamental tools in a tranny’s bag of tricks. Both empower, because they take for granted that light will create shadows; through blending and contouring makeup, concretized binaries can be infiltrated and analysed. Trans-people are often perceived as tricksters; people who hide parts of their lives away, to fit socially acceptable norms. This research flips perceptions and instead argues that acceptable norms embrace trickstery behaviours; rules of propriety intended to hide difficult social realities. A Trans perspective both blends and contours context; it allows fluid ways to interpret engagements. This research presentation analogises the shape-shifting methods of blending and contouring, to describe the transformative nature of a raranga research methodology. Raranga as a form of research helps to blend and contour; it is a means to reinterpret, reconceptualise and reorganise bound territories. This research applies raranga as intermediary praxis; a theory and practice which enables inbetween realities. This presentation uses raranga to describe three transitional research spaces; the inbetween of creative knowledge and logical knowledge; the inbetween of qualitative data and quantitative data, and; the inbetween of Indigenous theory and Western theory. I present performance as research output and ask participants to engage in a creative exercise. These modes will be used to explore multiple perspectives through trans-lenses and are intended toward data collection. Participation does not infer consent to participate in a research project.