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This conference paper was originally published as Satyal, R., Oyloe, P. and Ramlow, R., Social Marketing through Business Alliance with Commercial Partners, Partnerships, Proof and Practice - International Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference 2008, University of Wollongong, 15-16 July 2008.


In recent years, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nepal has gained greater significance. Nepal has progressed from a “low prevalence” country to one with a so-called "concentrated epidemic" in certain sub-groups of the population (e.g. sex workers, injecting drug users). Responding to this, national HIV/AIDS prevention and social marketing efforts have focused on increasing correct and consistent usage of condoms among these groups. The thirty (30) years of investment by USAID in social marketing of condoms in Nepal resulted in an almost total awareness, and an annual demand of approximately 44 million condoms. Two sectors (government and social marketing) serve approximately 80% of this demand. The commercial sector is represented by approximately 25 different brands, coming in an assortment of combinations of different features: from ribbed, flavored, contoured and ultra-thin to ‘vibrating condoms’, which the target group prefer and is ready to buy, given the choice. The supply of condom, which is the only barrier method that can effectively prevent HIV/AIDS, is still reliant on international donors.