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This paper appeared as: Uehara, T, Safavi-Naini, R & Ogunbona, P, An MPEG tolerant authentication system for video data, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 27-30 June 2004, 2, 891-894. Copyright IEEE 2004.


We propose a secure video authentication algorithm that is tolerant to visual degradation due to MPEG lossy compression to a designed level. The authentication process generates a tag that is sent with video data and the level of protection can be adjusted so that longer tags are used for higher security, and that the protection is distributed such that higher security is provided for regions of interest in the image. The computation required for authentication and verification can be largely performed as part of MPEG compression and so generation and verification of the tag can be integrated into the compression system. Calculation of the tag can be parallelized and so made fast.