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Koppi, A. J., Edwards, S., Sheard, J., Naghdy, F. & Brookes, W. (2010). The case for ICT work-integrated learning from graduates in the workplace. In T. Clear & J. Hamer (Eds.), ACE '10: Proceedings of the Twelfth Australasian Conference on Computing Education: Volume 103 (pp. 107-116). Darlinghurst, Australia: Australian Computer Society.


An online survey of recent ICT graduates in the workplace was carried out as part of a recent project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council. The survey was concerned with the ICT curriculum in relation to workplace job requirements and university preparation for these requirements. The survey contained quantitative and qualitative components and findings from the former have been published (Koppi et al., 2009). This paper reports on a quantitative comparison of responses from graduates who had workplace experience and those who did not, and a qualitative analysis of text responses from all ICT graduates to open-ended questions concerning the curriculum and their perceived university preparation for the workplace. The overwhelming response from ICT graduates in the workplace was for more industryrelated learning. These industry relationships included industry involvement, workplace learning and business experience, up-to-date teaching and technologies, practical applications, and real-world activities. A closer relationship of academia and industry was strongly advocated by ICT graduates in the workplace.

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Australasian Conference on Computing Education